August 29, 2012
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Olivia Palermo ♥ Korokum

Color Inspiration: White.
Our Persei Clutch in Black Stingray & White Leather on Olivia Palermo’s Blog.

Olivia Palermo, considers on her style’s blog & website, our Korokum Persei Clutch in Black Stingray & White Leather ‘A well placed white accessory lends itself perfectly to the steamy nights of indian summer and beyond; perhaps even through Autumn’s first amber-hued leaf.’



Take cocktail looks to glamorous new heights with this crystal-studded KOROKUM K41 PERSEI clutch in  a unique mix of black stingray and white bovine leather.

Adorned with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS crystals, you are sure to achieve a wow affect.



Take a look to her post at:


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