July 21, 2012
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Ibiza – EGB at Lio’s (Pachá).

Korokum found in the Hottest Location in the World – Lio’s Ibiza.
Take a look to the super-chic boutique upon entrance: EGB.

Last year, Pachá added to it’s long list of places to BE and BE SEEN: the exclusive, only for the Jet-Set, Lio’s Ibiza.


Lio’s Ibiza is everything from delicious food to sexy cabaret and everything in-between.  Most importantly is the super-chic boutique upon entrance, EGB that has the most fun party dresses and accessories with every bit of sparkle needed for the Ibiza nightlife and this year, KOROKUM offers their entire collection of exotic accessories.


In the picture our US partner, Christina Birkmann playing dress-up with a KOROKUM BETRIA HANDBAG in this fabulous little shop!


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