KOROKUM, based in Spain (Europe), is launched by the designer Petrus J.M. van Stokkum, a visionary full of creativity, as a need to create a line of handbags, wallets, belts and bracelets based on authenticity and ultra exclusivity. Korokum products are meant to last forever as a ‘classic’ in you wardrobe, as they are conceived as a piece of art and not only as a fashion accessory.

By mixing exotic skins in their most natural state, they provide something rare and unique targeted to the most discerning consumer in the top luxury segment. Skins from American alligator, crocodile, python, stingray, cobra and water snake with the most beautiful patterns are used. Each piece is adorned with brilliant SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS crystals and provides a sense of prestige and allure to those who wear it.

A magical mix of materials that distinguishes these products from others. Whether they are worn casually during the day or festive during the evening, it spices every look. Not to mention the individual and exclusive skins, each item is like a fingerprint, while its individual pattern exists only once but the style lasts for eternity.



Each KOROKUM product is a masterpiece, which uses a preeminent technique of mixing exotic skins and materials and is manufactured with attention to even the smallest detail. The incredibly long and thorough working process begins with the selection of the finest materials which must fulfill the highest quality of standards.

Only absolutely flawless reptile skins with the most beautiful and ornate patterns are used for KOROKUM products. Unique textures are a characteristic of the extremely rare skins, which each go through a specially developed trimming technique by expert craftsmen by hand.

Behind every finished product is an incredibly complex process, exercised with the utmost of care and attention. The workmanship alone for the artisans adorning each bag with hundreds of crystals is priceless, as KOROKUM has developed a special technique to attach the tiny SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS crystals to each exotic bag and accessory with delicate precision.

Inside, the bags are delicately draped with a soft and supple nappa leather. Each of these details are merged to create a grand ensemble by incredible skill, meticulous precision and utmost respect for the materials, which makes one of these luxurious bags several days to complete.

“Carrying a Korokum masterpiece, is a way of affirming oneself, or daring to be what you really are, showing what you like with audacity. It’s a collection created for the elite group of style- savvy tastemakers who have a love for and live a lifestyle of true luxury” – Christina B.



If you are interested to purchase a product that is not available in our webstore, please contact our Customer Service as we will do our best to order it for you.

Please note that before ordering a bespoke product:

1. We need to confirm we have all the required materials in stock (we may need to order some new skins).

2. Each Korokum product is an handcrafted masterpiece that requires several days to be completed.

3. The exotic skins used need to get a special document “CITES” from the Authorities before being shipped.

4.  For all these reasons, we can’t guarantee the delivery before a window of 2-4 months and prices could change.