April 25, 2012
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Christina B.

Christina Birkmann is the founder and visionary of Belongers, our distributor in the U.S.
The first post in our People’s section could only be for our beloved Christina B., an international trendsetter.

Christina is glamorous but still has depth and likes to keep both feet on the ground.
She is constantly pushing her own boundaries and taking on new challenges, bringing away with her knowledge and experiences she might not otherwise have had.

Christina’s love for traveling is not purely for private pleasure, but especially for professional reasons. Each destination and each event provides new inspirations for her fashion. There are only few who have such an international overview on global fashion: what’s hot, what’s not, where and how. Each country has its unique and special style and this is exactly what Christina is interested in.


She loves the top well-known fashion labels, but is always hunting for undiscovered and unique pieces and emerging brands and in one of her trips, the collaboration between Belongers & Korokum was born…

In the pictures, Christina with all Korokum ‘musts’ which are distributed in the U.S. around New York, Miami and Palm Springs.


Belongers, LLC
244 5th Ave
Suite # 2288
New York, NY 10001
+1 (212) 726 1110


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